“Why does everyone make mama work so hard? Sometimes, I wish everyone else would just go away! At least, for a little while…”

As she utters these words, the bright light abruptly falls to dimness, followed by a rising din of light laughter

“That is an interesting request,” an eavesdropping demon muses aloud, slithering into view from a recluse underneath the bed, still chuckling

In its ringing voice, it addresses the girl “Would you, perhaps, entertain the thought of it actually happening? I could be of aid.”


Sacchariine (pronounced “sak-er-in” or “sak-uh-reen”, trust me, the two ‘i’s is intentional) is a JRPG style game built using RPG Maker VX Ace. It is a project I started over a year ago and has evolved considerably since then. If you’d like to know more about the game, check out the About page. A Demo is also available, featuring all of chapter 1 of the game (out of 8 planned chapters). I will be posting monthly updates to the Updates section





All of the programming,  game design, musical and art assets, and the story line, were developed mostly by myself in my spare time (although kudos given to testers and attribution to borrowed resources can be found on the Credits page). If you are interested in helping me with this project, I would be most grateful. Please reach out to me using the contact form on the upper right side of this page