About the Game


Sacchariine is a story about a 10-year old girl named Sugar with a vivid imagination and a potential for psychic abilities. She lives alone with her mother, sheltered from the world, and has a considerably naïve view of her own life and the lives of others. Yet with her abilities, Sugar perceives unearthly beings that others cannot, exposing her to a world entirely different from our own

One day, Sugar accidentally stumbles into the domain of these creatures and is acquainted with several of their kind. From then on, she is ensnared in the sinister designs of ill-bearing demons: a conflict that teeters the dim line bordering reality and imagination. As the game progresses, Sugar tries to find a way to preserve the safety (and sanity) of herself and her mother from these threats, but looming at the end, like in the descent of Dante, Treachery beckons…


Sacchariine follows a traditional JRPG format in most respects with random, turn-based battles. However, the battle system does contain unique features, including:

  • An Action Queue which allows you to attack multiple times in a specific order with actions of different “sizes” that take up space in the queue
  • A regenerating “mana” (called Aptitude) that is used in all attacks
  • Enemies that “wait” and may not always attack
  • Many puzzle and trick enemies that must be defeated in a specific way (i.e. using a specific attack at the right time)
  • Customized visual display and window layout

Overworld gameplay is puzzle-heavy and dialogue focused, with much detail attributed to the story and the ideas it represents (more so than to the Player’s experience, I would say). The game is extremely linear but features many different endings, some of which depend on the simplest of actions. The Demo features two such endings…

Style and Genre

Sacchariine employs what I call “Abstract Horror”, a type of horror not meant to frighten the player, but to convey ideas and encourage thought-provoking gameplay. The visual and musical style may be described as “sinister”, “demented”, or “surreal”. Sacchariine is also allegorical in nature, providing commentary on morality, human emotion, and the power of the imagination. The game is intended to be fun and compelling, but most of all thoughtful and engaging in an intellectual manner, and I hope it can be enjoyed as such

There is an abundance of allusions to Dante’s Divine Comedy, which is the chief inspiration for the game. Other influences include the writings of Lewis Carroll, C. S. Lewis, and Nabokov, and games like Earthbound, Yume Nikki, and Undertale