January Updates

Hello all!

Winter break proved productive and progress is underway on chapters 2 and 3. With school in session again, it will be harder to work on the game, but I plan to release an extension to the demo featuring all of chapter 2 by the start of May. Stay tuned!


So much for monthly updates…

College has weighed down on me heavily these past 3-4 months and I have not been able to work on Sacchariine at all. But over this winter break, I plan to work intensely on the game, finishing chapter 2 and making good headway in chapter 3. I am also consolidating or cutting out a few of the chapters and scenes simply to make the game more manageable to work on. I think there will be 6-7 chapters now instead of the originally planned 8.

For now, here is a sneak peek at some of the content in Chapter 2


Another Demo Fix…

People have run into some other issues with the shortcut executable malfunctioning and not launching the main program. I’ve released another version that does away with the shortcut entirely, so the game is played by opening it directly instead of going through a shortcut program. The demo link has been updated with version 1.0.2 accordingly

Apologies. In the final game release, I will be more careful with issues like these

New Demo Version Release – Antivirus Bug Fix

There had been a bug that caused the shortcut executable for the game to signal a false positive for some antivirus software (*cough* Windows Defender *cough*). I changed the program that compiles the shortcut executable so there should no longer be an issue. The new version (1.0.1) is now available for download

Regardless, the old version (1.0.0) is still completely safe for your computer. Here is a link to the thread where the issue is discussed

Website is Up!

Hello all and welcome to the website! It’s small, but cozy, and has exactly what you need (except the demo, that has yet to come out yet). But yes, enjoy your stay and feel free to send a comment to me using the form on the upper right corner of this page. A shoutout to tortillua for drawing the characters you see scattered about some of the pages

I will be posting (hopefully) monthly updates here regarding my progress on the game

As I mentioned, the demo for my game will be available soon! I am in the final stages of fine-tuning things. Drop on by soon